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Performance and Exhibition Department

The Performance and Exhibition Department places an emphasis on three main elements in its activity: multimedia theatre, production and organization of exhibitions, and related activities and publishing.

1. Multimedia theatre

Following the multimedia and interdisciplinary approach, which is a basic principle of popular culture and a common procedure in contemporary art, and taking into account the powerful impact of such promotional activities in terms of media and marketing, MSU will launch a series of concerts and multimedia performances in its new building.

The aim of these promotional activities is not only to draw public attention to the new building of MSU, but also to attract new, young audiences to its programmes and to contemporary art, its participants, and new technologies. The language and technologies employed by many contemporary artists address precisely the younger population.

The new building of the MSU and its multimedia theatre, with all the necessary supporting amenities and cutting-edge technology, opens up many possibilities for presenting a wide spectrum of artistic expression, including theatre, music, film, dance, video art, and performance.

2. Production and organization of exhibition-related activities

The Department's staff, including the producer, curator, and manager of the multimedia theatre, museum technicians and the head technician, comprises a team of experts that will organize and produce individual exhibitions and performances, offering professional services and supplying all necessary preconditions for realizing exhibitions by contemporary artists, often including numerous particular features in terms of technology, materials, and equipment. The departmental team places special emphasis on setting up the exhibitions and organizing individual art events.

3. Publishing

The Department staff also includes an editor of printed and digital publications, as well as a technical editor, who cooperates with a team of experts in developing the Museum's publishing activity. We intend to invest considerable efforts in this type of work, publishing not only exhibition catalogues and booklets, but also numerous DVD and CD editions, books from the field of art theory, and other publications. A special novelty will be the newsletter, which will also be accessible on the Museum's website. It will feature news on the activity of MSU, as well as essays, reviews, and critical presentations of all exhibitions and authors presented at or produced by MSU.

Producer/manager of the Department: Branko Kostelnik e-mail:

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