The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


Paulina Jazvić: Sweet dreams

MSU Gallery, 17.4. – 13.5. 2018. / FREE ENTRANCE

The exhibition Sweet Dreams by Croatian artist Paulina Jazvić suggests irony and humour that are quite characteristic for the artist and her work. Aspiring for certain challenges, provocativeness and uninhibited artistic idiom, this time she has also remained true to herself and her artistic expression. By combining her two occupations, that of graphic artist and fashion designer, as stressed by Mladen Lučić in the foreword of the exhibition I Recommend Vodka at the MSU Istria: “…she created a recognisable authorial idiom on the margins of the established concept of art, and this dualism has also become a kind of authorial seal of hers.”

As suggested by the title itself, the exhibition speaks of sweet dreams, hopes and expectations. Expectations are part of life of every individual and include in themselves the conscious act of the soul toward the desirable and recognised good. Expectation is not only an anthropological, but also a psychological fact. Expectation and hopes for something good (sweet dreams) are accompanied by the feeling of joy and pleasure, and that is the feeling which makes us happy, that is the emotional state of the human soul. Our expectations and hopes develop in two temporal determinants, that of present and future; that which we expect belongs to the present, while the realisation of our expectations we project into the future. However, we cannot predict definitiveness and realisation, we can only dream.

Curator: Martina Munivrana

Paulina Jazvić about the works:

The work Together Forever presents a flock of inflatable PVC swans. The swans are presented as symbols of togetherness; specifically, they spend most of their lives with the same partner and raise their young together. Swans that lose their partner often ‘remain widowed’ for the rest of their lives, which makes them symbols of loyalty. Even though we constantly express a great desire for togetherness and eternal love, increasingly often we are witnessing damaged and broken relationships that lead to great pain, alienation and separation as the source of many of our frustrations and anger. For the artist, this work actually represents a fantasy on an ideal relationship without much effort, the relationship that is self-explanatory and taken for granted. By letting the air out, however, everything can instantly remain sheer illusion.

The work Piece of Cake is a wedding cake made of Styrofoam and fondant, decorated with wedding cake figurines made of PVC. In an ironic manner, by using the symbol of prosperity and fertility (wedding cake), the artist indicates the occasionally unreal expectations brought into marriage/partnership by the partners. The various figurines used as decoration symbolise the institution of marriage, formal togetherness of partners, and they also speak of partnership as being quite simple and conceivable.

Sweet Dreams is a small house made of cotton candy that is melting, which is also documented by the accompanying video work. Our dreams often melt, yet something does remain of them. In this case, the wooden construction. The cotton candy is sweet, which is a literal allusion to the title of the work.

Pošarat ću te kemijskom, I’ll Scratch You out with a Pen is a video work in which actress Judita Franković interprets the unemancipated woman of today who merely smiles, lives her artificial status and nods her head, thereby suppressing her own hollowness. Therefore I ultimately scratch her out.

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