The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb


CD-ROM Adventures of Vito and Nada

The Adventures of Vito and Nada, the latest educational project of the Museum of Contemporary Art, created as part of the teaching activities of the Richter Collection.

The project was developed during 2007 and 2008 in cooperation with children, artists, designers and the MSU curators. From the beginning, children were invited to take part in the project. Vito and Nada, the main characters, named after Richter's sculptures, were created by pupil Eva Kovač, whose drawings were selected. The visual approach for the interactive game was also created by children on the workshops. It was our wish to introduce the Richter Collection to primary school children through play.

The concept author is Vesna Meštrić, the author of script and assignments is Jelena Bračun and the author of the illustrations is Mirela Ivanković Bielen.

The project was supported by the Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports and T- Croatian Telecom, the Museum's main partner.

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